What to Expect from Painting Brick Fireplace

To complete a home fireside, one could use a number of materials, though painting brick fireplace represents both simpler and really spectacular method of decoration. The hard work is straightforward even for any beginner.

Choosing paint
Buying paint to the fireplace, remember : heat resistance is that the main selection criterion here. As practice shows, the outer surface of the fireplace gets hot as much as 80 ° C, with rare material withstanding the temperature. Color from the paint is yet another important aspect. Dark surface gives a bigger level of heat, while light base is that the worst when it comes to heat transfer.

Ready-to-use paints
When painting a brick fireplace, experts traditionally utilize the silicone-based compositions, which bring about strengthening from the foundation and resist structural failure. Pay special focus on the composition. If this contains many resins, the answer will dry inside a longer time period.

Homemade paint
The listed recipe is useful when painting interior brick fireplace in your own home. Pound red brick in dust, beat up white of eggs, after which pour them into milk. Stir the mixture carefully and pour it into our brick dust. Stir the composition again thoroughly, after which apply it on warm brick surface. Using this method of painting, the fireplace turns bright red. The coating is resistant to temperature and abrasion. Like a finishing, varnish can be utilized, which helps make the coating matte.

Painting the fireplace
The laying can merely be done with a positive temperature. If it’s cold, then preheat the premise. Avoid high humidity, because the paint will require longer time to obtain dried. The composition is applied by means of the roller or brush. High-quality painting requires applying multiple coats. It ought to be remembered that a brand new layer is applied only following the previous one dries completely.

Proper painting over brick fireplace greatly promotes interior decoration. High-quality composition lasts for several years, with no special care required. Note : the seemingly simple process of painting involves certain skills and experience. Thoroughly prepare your fireplace for painting, mind pointing and restoration of joints. Only during this case the end result will certainly be perfect.