Retro equipment, deduces with modern design and colour accents

This modern apartment with Retro atmosphere is in Prague in Czechia and have become from Markéta Bromová design. To the Retro equipment modern bits of furniture were applied, however, the charm from the middle 20. Of century carry in himself. The Goal ended up being to stress the applied materials and surfaces. For that purpose you’d be uses furniture with simple and clean lines.

All technical installations and devices are hidden skillfully to not affect the subject, but to stress the natural texture and also the decorative character from the equipment.


The living room exists in an open kitchen with eating area and also a pleasant seat area. So the wood and colored section of furniture well arrived at the validity, white color was elected to the wall organization, while an enormous wall painting adorns the wall in friendly colors. The ground is formed modern inside a bright grey colour. The Retro equipment lets the space friendly and pleasant work.