Master Bathroom with a Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic Ideas

“We wanted our home to look like it was added onto an existing old barn since the Serenbe Stables are in our backyard,” says homeowner Kara Kiefer. In the master bathroom, that modern farmhouse aesthetic took an industrial bent with brick walls, a concrete shower floor, and metal windows—the latter providing a view of horses.

Mater Bathroom With A Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic Ideas
Mater Bathroom With A Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic Ideas

Hitting every angle
Two oversized shower-heads and six body sprayers provide plenty of coverage. A matte-black finish on all fixtures maintains the black-and-white color scheme.

Water, water everywhere
A “wet room” combines a shower and tub in the same area. Kara says it’s convenient to step out of a bath without worrying about splashing the floors.

Vintage vibe
Articulated sconces over the sink are from the Restoration Hardware outlet in Dawsonville. Custom metal mirrors by Thornton add a bit of industrial edge.

Warming wood
“We needed a contrast with all the concrete and metal,” says the homeowner, who chose hardwood floors for a warmer look.

Rock solid
Kara praises artisan Bill Thornton for seamlessly incorporating concrete on the wet room floors, tub apron, and a double vanity.

  • Tip: Kara and her husband, Russ, originally wanted recycled bricks for the shower walls, but the weight would have required reinforcing the floor. Instead, they went with brick veneer, which is thinner and lighter.

Images &article source: atlantamagazine