Inspiring Attractive Vertical Garden Ideas

The recent trend of vertical gardening is becoming increasingly widespread as gardeners channel their inspiration to new heights of creativity. Not limited to the bottom underneath their feet, gardens are taking shape inside a choice of unique directions, from repurposing old furniture into planters to transforming birdhouses and teapots into thriving miniature garden spaces. Gone are the times of strict garden designs ; today vertical garden ideas are about showcasing the textures, colors and vibrancy of plants in fresh, new ways.

While not limited to small spaces, vertical gardens are ideally suited to these areas simply since they offer a chance to maximize space artfully and efficiently. Making a vertical garden could be as simple or complex as desired ; gardeners are only limited by their imagination. Additionally it is essential to bring growing conditions into account when selecting plant species. Plastic PVC sheeting will become a water barrier when lining any object used like a planter. Felt carpet padding serves like the medium to stay your plants set up and it is a good material to make use of, because it holds water while resisting rotting.

While a chance to see things in a different way isn’t always easy, what follows are more intriguing ideas that could become your guide and inspiration while you beautify your residence landscaping.