Creative Mad Men-Inspired Home Decorations

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Creative Mad Men Inspired Home Decorations 12
Creative Mad Men Inspired Home Decorations 12

Dorothy Thorpe Roly Poly Glasses

If there’s something you need the Mad Men characters do much too often, it’s drink. While it’s most likely not a very good idea to emulate their alcohol consumption, whenever you do need a glass of something strong why not take your sips from the same lovely glasses which have been a fixture of Don Draper’s various offices? Designed by Dorothy Thorpe, the silver rimmed ‘Roly Poly’ glasses are regularly up for offer on eBay in varying numbers.

Occasional Tables

The glass coffee table inside the Season 5 Draper apartment was purchased from Deja Vu in Long Beach. Deja Vu offers a choice of mid-century designs, given by a retro bar cart to some colorful French block table. When the prices are a little much, just use them for inspiration and have a leaf from the book from the Mad Men set designers. The counter stools inside the Draper apartment were bought given by a Craigslist seller.

Soft Furnishings

Burnt orange sofas and armchairs are iconic ‘60s, and that they feature inside the Sterling-Copper-Draper-Price workspaces. Search in antique stores, on craigslist, amongst retro new designs or attend town yourself and re-upholster your current sofa-set. Alternatively, you may select a caramel and gold palette, as preferred by Bertram Cooper in her office during Season 3. You might choose to melt your bedroom having a padded headboard.

Wall Paper

The ‘60s didn’t shy far from bold statements upon the walls. Betty Draper’s plaid wallpaper would surely brighten up any kitchen. For a good more outrageous statement, you can copy the bars featured in several scenes and aspire to an animal print … not to the faint of heart ! A safer option could be the classic interlocking floral designs that were a mainstay of mid-century design.

While it may be tempting to reach slightly overboard along with your interior design, taking a couple of Mad Men elements and incorporating them into your more modern whole will likely be a more informed idea. It’s almost always better to become inspired in order to simply copy an era wholesale.

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