Building foundation structure

For any kind of structure, the foundation has to become constructed below the bottom surface. Foundation in an effort to rest on the hard surface, the bottom degree of the foundation will be excavated. For that purpose, the trenches are dug by hand tools for example pick-axe, chisel, hammer etc. just in case of foundations having single wall buildings. Just in case of large project work from the foundation from the building structure, the trenches are dug by mechanical diggers. During the entire process of excavation, there‘s a chance of collapse of the edges and in an effort to prevent this temporary timbering support towards the excavated trenches is assigned to uphold the edges from the excavation. Thus additionally protects the labors working inside the trench. The kind of timbering support and it is erection for trenches depends upon type and characteristics of rock or soil.

Face Line Method : During this method center line Isn‘t taken into account. In load bearing structure, each face from the foundation trench is measured coming from the fringe of plot and fixed by wooden pegs. Just in case framed structure, each face from the column footing is measured coming from the fringe of plot boundary after which It‘s being marked on the floor.

Timbering and strutting : It‘s the approach to giving the temporary support to the edges from the trench, once the depth from the trench is large or once the sub-soil is loose or soft.