Best Concrete Optics and Timber Cladding Inside for

The concrete color to the walls are a transparent trend which has grown to be during the final years a crucial section of the modern wall organization. To ensure that, however, the wall doesn‘t look too cold in concrete optics, it could be combined optically beautifully with wood inside the inside area. This really is towards the designers from Aworkdesign. Studio with the within design of the house in China perfectly successfully.

Help of timber cladding inside they‘ve sketched a modern interior with concrete optics wall and also at a similar moment have produced a homely atmosphere.

The house is in Taoyuan, China and it is sketched specially for any family with children. Due to the small floor space the designers have formed the apartment with multifunctional spaces which may be quickly reshaped consistent with demand. The spacious living-room is sketched by having an open draft and exists on the living area, eating area and house library with reading corners. The large Balktontür cares for an enormous level of daylight inside the space.